Cinderella's Cleaning Services
Cinderella's Cleaning Services

Cinderellas Cleaning Services


Only local people are employed through our agency. Mature staff members are available at the request of the client. Previous experience has proved that elderly clients are more comfortable with a mature person going into their home as opposed to a younger member of staff.
  As well as high standards of cleaning, we appreciate that honesty, confidentiality, reliability and communication are also extremely important.
  You will get the same member of staff on each visit.(where possible). That way a good working relationship can be established to ensure client confidentiality and trust is maintained.
  You will have the opportunity to meet your regular cleaner before they start, ensuring compatibility and that you are comfortable with our choice.
Your own cleaning materials and equipment will be used. This is to ensure that your preferred products are used as everyone has their own personal preference or could have an allergy to a particular ingredient within a product. By doing this, our costs are also kept to a minimum, enabling us to do the same for you.
  You specify the cleaning work that you require within the allocated time. This could be cleaning only or ironing included in the time slot. This has proved to be cost effective for the client as ironing services alone are expensive. The day and time of the clean will be mutually agreed.
  We believe that nobody offers a better value for money service than Cinderella’s.
  Our hourly rate for a one off clean is more expensive due to the fact that the organisation is equal to that of a regular weekly clean, where costs are spread over a much longer period, enabling us to charge you less per hour.
  I hope you have found this information useful. If you have any further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Winter cleans ,book early to secure your clean

PRE AND POST PARTY CLEANS AVAILABLE limited one off cleans available for July,August and September please get in touch now Spaces for all cleans are filling up fast
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